What’s in our Garden

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Well, we are still playing catch-up with our harvests, the first flush of tomatoes is slowing so we only do tomatoes every 3 days now, but it’s time to process other veggies, beetroot and carrots are high on the list. We have been picking pumpkins for a while now, and it’s nice to watch our stock of winter storage pumpkins growing. An update on the Atlantic giants, they seem to have recovered from the sever grazing from the bull, and it looks quite positive that we should get some fruits for seed, so don’t despair.  This just shows one of the benefits of no-till planting and good organic practices.

With all the rain in Gauteng over the last 2 weeks we have had a dreadful time with the melons, they just can’t take the excessive moisture, and have literally collapsed. The Moon and Stars melons however seem to be able to take the moisture and are still doing well.

Planting is going on again for winter and we have set out a number of seeds direct sown as well as seed raised in seed trays for transplant in a few weeks.