What’s in our Garden

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This is the season when all the work starts, we are picking about 10-15 kg’s of tomatoes and bags of beans every day now, it’s getting to the point where every surface is covered with brightly coloured tomatoes in all colours shapes and sizes. Every 2 days we blend them down and reduce them into ‘sous’ for winter.

Our potatoes are ready to lift and we have had a number of meals with fresh taters from the garden. With our hectic festive season I did neglect to lift them earlier. However, that said you can also leave them in the ground and harvest as needed, they will keep perfectly. We are still waiting for some of the pumpkins to ripen so that we can lift them for storage and beans are a big effort right now to get into the freezer.  We will be doing carrots and beetroot later in the season so there is no worry there.

As for the rest, Lacy our Cow is pregnant again, which is a good thing, but the Bull we used flattened our Atlantic Giant planting so you will have to wait another year for Giant Pumpkin seed, it’s been a total failure this year.