What’s in our Garden

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Our garden is looking better and better by the day, the weeding has been sorted with some concerted effort and at least our garden looks like we care. We have just started to harvest the first of our seeds, and most of the Borlotto Fire Tongues are harvested and busy drying out, De Grace peas are also almost all ready. Then we have the Purple carrots that everyone is jumping up and down for, 1 week guys only 1 week to go. We lost a lot seedlings in our cold-frame due to a caterpillar infestation and now have to replant about 8 cucumber varieties.

All that’s left now is to plant out our new batch of tomatoes into their permanent beds and then start looking at the big harvests from the end of December. We have already had pea’s, beans, carrots, onions, gem’s, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and patty-pans from this year’s garden but the quantities are still a bit low. Full production is just about to start, and we have been getting some stunning tomatoes for the table, Carbons, Amish Paste, Purple Plums, Tigerella, Brandywines and Oxheart are now adorning our meals and salads, the rest is soon to come.