What’s in our Garden

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Summer is here… apparently. However this last week has seen some really unseasonal weather with COLD COLD COLD. The worst is the COLD wet conditions which is just not beneficial to our gardens. However that said we have finally seen our plants taking off and we are about a week away from our first heirloom tomato. I just can’t wait!!!

Everyone is still mailing and asking for purple carrot seed and Chioggia beetroot seed. Guys, it’s like watching paint dry, the more I look at them the slower they are drying. So I’ve decided that I will only check on their progress once a week. Be patient, they will be ready shortly.

We have started with hand pollination of pumpkins and cuc’s in earnest now and will have at least 14 new varieties this year so be prepared for some exciting crops on the site.

Our Tomatoes are stunning, of the 40 odd varieties we have in the ground we should be able to provide a good few in late December. Just in time for you to plant a late harvest of stunning heirloom tomatoes for autumn. We will also be planting another 40-50 varieties in late Jan so be ready for a serious selection for next season.