What’s in our Garden

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OK, spring is here in a big way. We have been having some hot days with the thermometer knocking 30 deg on some days. Planting is in full swing in our gardens. This weekend it’s the tomatoes turn to get planted out. I’m very excited about the varieties that we have planted. Normally we only plant a few varieties every year, however we have had to plant every variety that we have, and I’ve begged some new varieties from friends to add to our selection.

All we need now is for the rain to come, however like my Ouma says. “As dit goed reen voor Oom Paul se verjaarsdag, gaan dit ‘n droe somer wees” So we will have to be patient until the 10th of Oct. I’m not listening to the reports of an el Nino event this year, it’s not something we need.

As for the rest of our little farm, Lacy has dropped her calf, a stunning stocky little heifer and we are now getting our milk. The first goose is off her eggs and only a single gosling came out. We have another two on eggs so hopefully we will have a better hatch on those two clutches. The turkeys are still sitting and we are hoping for a hatch at the end of next week. Our piglets are doing well and growing at a rapid rate.