What’s in our Garden

Well, it looks like we have seen the last of the bad frost, we may, just may get a few points of frost in the next week or two, but otherwise it’s roll on spring. Our wheat is throwing spikes, the first of the corn is coming up and our cold frame is doing wonders for the pumpkins, tomatoes and brinjals. We have had our ration of asparagus for this year and will have to wait until next for a full 2 weeks of picking. If you plant asparagus, the picking order goes like this. In the 1st year, no picking! 2nd year pick for 1 week, 3rd year pick for 2 weeks. 4 th year pick for 4 weeks. From year 5 and on you can pick for 6 weeks and no more. One planting will last 10 – 15 years. Work on 10 plants per person, seriously 😉

We also planted beans out and they look like they have not made the early planting, so we might have to re-sow, but I’ll check again this weekend and make a descison. Our peas are doing well and the carrots have started to come up as well.

As for the animals, Lacy is still due to drop her calf, we have a goose still on eggs and one turkey with 10 eggs under her and another busy laying (she’s on 6 eggs now) so all in all spring fever has hit our little farm.

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