What’s in our Garden

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OK finally winter is here. Full swing and with big white teeth. We have had our coldest ever recorded morning last Wednesday with -10.5 deg C. The amazing thing was when I went out it certainly did not feel that cold. There was not a breath of wind and everything was absolutely still. After I had gone up to do the milking I really felt the cold… I suppose it takes a while to sink into your bones.
Our garden has come to a standstill, not much is happening and it’s now time to plan for spring. We will be putting up the first of our tunnels in the next week or so and it’s now a case of deciding what needs to be planted. We are going to concentrate on all of the new seed that we have received this year so that you guys can get your teeth into some great new veggies. Old actually, but new to planting in South Africa on a wide scale.
Our lambing season is going well and we have harvested a bull, 6 lambs and we will be doing a few pigs in two weeks time. I have just finished making our boerewors for winter and we are looking forward to a few hearty lamb curries over winter… Oh, the joys of a 100% home grown meal.