What’s in our Garden

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Wow! This time of the year we are normally fighting off frost every morning and are looking at our last veggies with pity as we watch them die off with the winter cold. With this strange weather and an extended autumn, I’m still picking tomatoes out of the garden, our peppers have come into their own (I thought we would not make it with some of them) and we have harvested about 15 bags of mixed peppers yesterday that will soon become next years chillie sauce for our family and friends.

Our corn is also going to make it as it looks like frost will only be coming from the end of next week. So be prepared!

We will have everything up on the shop within the next week so if you are holding off for the final listings they will all be up by Friday the 28th. Those of you that are still planting on the highveld, onions are now the last crop for you to be putting in. If you are blessed to live elsewhere then peruse your favorite planting guide and make your own assumptions for whats best in your area.

I have a feeling that when the cold comes this year it’s going to hit hard, so make sure you tender trees have been properly covered to avoid the killing frosts.