What’s in our Garden

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At this time our season is winding down to late summer, we have many beds that are opening up for our winter planting and seed processing is high on our daily chore list. In the open beds we will be putting in Hard Red Winter Wheat, as well as a host of pea’s, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale and some of the root crops like turnips, carrots and beetroot.

We now have to eat our way through a number of crops so that we can get to the seed and it’s a great way of gaining firsthand experience and taste tests on all of the new produce. We still have about 20 tomato varieties that need to ripen so that we can add the seed to our catalogue and then there are all the chilies that are almost ready for picking. Our corn varieties are almost ready and we have Krug Dent and Golden Beauty that will be up soon. The Indian Rainbow, Ciskei Mielies will soon follow and I’m really hoping that Stowell’s Evergreen Sweetcorn will make it before the first frosts, I did plant it a bit late. Our bean and pumpkin varieties are going to be great this coming year and you are in for a real treat.

As for the rest of our little farm we’ve had a run-in with some stock thieves that tried to make-off with some of our livestock but thankfully they were scared off before they could do any damage. Our lambing season has started and we have our first lamb (an ewe) of the season.