Organic GMO’s and Perpetual Poison

It’s been a while and I do apologize. There have been many things going on over the last month and it’s been pretty non-stop, both in the garden and on the work front. Which is great, but hectic.

Over the last month I have seen two articles that have concerned me. The first one is that the GMO organizations are now making rumblings about organic genetically modified organisms. In my last post I said that they would love this. Well it looks like it’s started. Can you imagine the problems that this would cause in the industry, we already have government ominously silent about the labeling of GM foods, the potential now is that we could have GM seeds labeled as “organic”. What a way to destroy and industry.

Just thinking about the implications makes me rile and I want to scream out that this cannot be done, however that just wont work. The GM industry at this point will use every trick in the book to ensure that they get the generally dumb public (GDP) to accept without a second thought that what they are peddling in good for them. They have had a bad but limited exposure in the general media. Mainly I believe due to the fact that they have paid “scientists’ to help promote their wares to anyone that will listen.

It’s the simple case of people (the GDP) wanting to believe that “they” would never do anything bad for our (and the planets) health.

This is how it works. Government is looking at a new crop type, this one just happens to be GM. So they set up a committee to investigate this new crop and if it would benefit South Africa as a whole. On the other side, you have your interest groups (let’s say a Pro-GM interest Group and a Anti-GM Group) these will speak and submit information to this committee about the pro’s and con’s of this new technology.  The Pro-GM group will throw everything in their considerable arsenal at this committee, from International “Fact Finding Missions” where the only facts are made up by themselves, to lavish hosted breakfasts and dinners with all of the trappings of caring for the environment and nature, with “top scientists” that will give promises and more facts about how good this poison is for the poor people it’s supposed to help, this  can go on and on ad nausea.  On the flip side we have a few small Anti-GM organizations that are supported by a miniscule fraction of the willing public who now have to go up against a monstrous corporate that will do everything to shut the up and shut them down.

If you were looking for advice, who would you listen to? The guy that is successful with a big house and flashy car and private jet, that can show his success. Or the guy in the average middle class home and a volla that although is 100% paid up is still driving a volla!

What is not seen is that the guy in the middle class home is not looking for your money, he is looking to show you how to get out of debt. The guy in the big house and flashy car NEEDS your money to keep his lifestyle going.

This is the GMO industry, they want to trap you into buying their poison every year, and if you don’t buy it you will starve. The OP and Heirloom seed industry is 100% behind you growing and saving your own seed every year. We hope to never sell you the same seed again, strange but true. The idea is for you to save your own seed and pass it on to the next person and for them to do the same. This is the best way that we can fight these guys.

The next article is one that is very scary for anyone that buys-in any compost or mulching material. Have a look at this article where gardeners are seeing plant die-offs for years after and application of infected compost. My advice is for you to make your own compost from scratch. If your garden is contaminated with one of the chemicals listed in the above article you probably will have to wait close to ten years before you can be sure of no unnatural die-offs. This is a very worrying scenario, especially when one believes that their source of compost should be “clean”

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