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Now here is a man that needs to be listened to. I first heard of Joel Salatin in Michael Pollan’s book Omnivores Dilemma. Subsequently Mr Salatin is my new farming Guru. I would love to know what he has forgotten!

With a string of books that I’m slowly purchasing as funds permit Joel Salatin is without a doubt a man’s man and a gentelman farmer of the old order, where farmers farmed on small parcels of land that had a plethora of different crops, be it grass, pork, chicken, beef or eggs to list a few of the crops that this book covers.

You will never look at a piece of ground again in the same way. Joel Salatin is what many people in the self-sustainable movement aspire to become. This book runs you through many aspects of making your farm profitable, not something that many believe is possible. He does this on a small piece of ground that would be comparable to any small farm or large plot in South Africa.

His departure point is important, as you will need to bend your back to the soil and turn your back on any convetional farming wisdom. This is the wisdom that has gotten us into the mess we are in and big business would love to keep you trapped from day one. Joel Salatin gives you hope, and a clear understanding of where you need to get to, alsong the way he will show you how to do it.

If you are looking at becoming self-sustainable and looking for a way to earn more than one income from your property, this is the book to get, it could very possibly save your farm.

One thought on “Book Review – You Can Farm

  1. Paul Zietsman says:

    I bought this book on you reccommendation, and am about half way through it. I must say, it is absolutely worth its weight in gold.

    I have never found another book on this topic that comes even close to this. There are many books that tell you how to do certain things, but this book lays sound foundational principles first, and then gets into the details.

    The underpinning philosophy is what really sets this book apart, and it establishes a proper wordlview…the big picture that will flavour every decision you make, your stewardship of the land, and every relationship you forge.

    Thanks Sean

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