Book Review – Omnivores Dilemma

It is not often that one finds a book that smacks you straight in the face, startling you with insight and information that you knew was right but could never find the truth. Michael Pollan is such an author, this book takes you through the stages (and makings) of four vastly diverse meals. Each one of these meals has a history and a unique story for us the ‘eaters’.

I urge you to get a copy of this book and read your way through the four meals, you will never look at a plate of food in the same way again. The entire book was a revelation to me, however it was the chapter on Polyface farm that has galvanised me to take our little farm to the next level, and we have already started planning out our high intensity grazing strips, and are ramping up our chicken stocks to provide the needed chicken power.

One actually gets inside of Michale Pollans’ head with many of his internal struggles and deliberations , including the emotionally charged topics of animal slaughter and hunting. I’m proud that he went the whole way as it’s only then that one truly gains respect for the food that is on ones plate.

Simply put, this is a great read!

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