Book Review – Living the Good Life

When a fellow homeschooler and gardening friend visited us in November last year she implored us to get a copy of Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn, we subsequently ordered a copy of the book and very simply its inspiring.

Linda, her partner Trev and their son Caleb took on the challenge of not spending any money for 6 months. The book takes the form of a diary of the six months and gives an insight into the transition from consumer to self-provision. That description I fear is a bit bland as it’s not just about self provision but also understanding what lifestyle changes need to be made on so many different levels.

There are a few lapses where they just broke down or had to travel as a family where they indulged in forbidden fruit, but when looking at what they achieved overall it’s impressive, inspiring and well worth the read.

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Living the Good Life

  1. Gloria Murray says:

    Hi Sean
    Thanks for this. You are ahead of your time. There is indeed a coming food collapse coming and few are prepared for the shock and awe it’ll bring.
    I have added this book to my wish list & intend following your advice more intently.
    Keep up the excellent work & may your tribe increase!
    Gloria Murray

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