Book Review: Jane’s Delicious Garden


It’s taken me way too long to get to this book, Jane actually had to threaten me with a Prius sized marrow ‘cos I had not written about her book…. yet. Apparently she’ been growing one ‘specially. Sorry Jane, it’s belated but it’s here! 🙂

Jane Griffiths is the stunning redhead that has taken the South African gardening world by storm. Focusing on the urban gardener and looking at reducing carbon footprint while at the same time eating with the seasons. It’s refreshing to finally read a South African author that actually takes the time to explain what seasonal eating is all about.

Using simple and more importantly, workable techniques, Jane has made urban food gardening simple, fashionable and oh, so easy. The book is full of personal anecdotes and favourite quotes literally drawing the reader into her life and veggie garden.

This is the kind of veggie book that is not just a reference work (which it’s not… in the sense of a reference work) for beginner gardeners, it’s a complete gardening work for experienced gardeners and on top of all that is also a coffee table book that is just sublime. Doing duty as a work of art in its own right as well as being beautiful for your guests to flip through.

It’s not just a book to ‘get’ it’s a book to use. I honestly believe that Jane would find more pleasure in signing your copy with sand in the spine and muddy finger prints on the seedling pages, than one that is in pristine condition.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Jane’s Delicious Garden

  1. michelle says:

    I spoiled myself and bought this book! Every single sent spent on this book was worth it! I got the book on a saturday morning, and by lunch time Sunday morning had read the book from cover to cover, without any sleep inbetween! I am already an organic gardner – by which I mean that I use seeds that i have grown myself, use no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever – and Jane has given me so many ideas and remedies against pests! Well done Jane, kudos to you!

  2. I just bought this book and it has really inspired me and given me some good ideas. I love the idea of creating a bit of “Jane’s jungle style” garden. I love her respect for natural conditions and processes in a home garden.

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