Book Review- Gardening when it counts

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Gardening when it counts – Steve Solomon

If you need an introduction to vegetable gardening this is the book to get. It will lead you through the steps of creating your garden one by one and with the minimum of equipment required. Even if you are an experienced gardener, and know it all, Steve Solomon will have heaps of valuable information to share with you.

If you are a square foot/doorway gardener and are looking for a way out of this high intensive gardening method, this is the book for you. It will explain how to go about gardening in a low input high output method that will keep you gardening for years to come. Some of the techniques that I use are very well explained in this book and it will become an asset for people that have a busy lifestyle and still want to get the best from their veggie garden.

Especially important in South Africa is the chapter on drought gardening, where tips and techniques on planting and growing vegetables in water stressed environments is crucial. This book will enable you to raise and grow enough food for your family literally ‘when it counts’.

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