What’s in our Garden

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At this time of the year we are starting to plan our spring planting. A lot of early things are going into the cold frame so that we can get a head-start on spring, as we have heaps of new heirloom varieties that need to be planted for the online shop. A sincere thanks to all of those that have sent us new seed varieties. Most notably, Mike, Nico and Lisa, Shannon, Eric, Chrissy, Bryne and Sue, not to forget Bill whose generosity, experience and good-will I am very thankful for. Thank you guys, this is the spirit that planting and growing heirlooms creates, and I sincerely appreciate and encourage. If you have seed share it.

We have also expanded our planting beds over this winter so that we will be able to accommodate the new varieties. Right now we are laying the finishing touches to the new Mielie bed that will accommodate 6 new varieties of Heirloom corn, fortunately one of my neighbours will also be planting another 4 or 5 kinds so we should have some very exciting new additions to our corn selection for next year.

The Purple Dragon Carrots and Chioggia beetroot are sitting in the ground patiently awaiting spring so that they can send up their flower spikes, we are praying for a bumper crop of seed this year so that we can supply everyone with seed of these unique heirlooms.

The Tomato planting this year is going to be amazing. A quick check gives about 20 kinds of tomatoes so there will be something for everyone, from the small cherries, the pastes, beefsteaks, black, yellow, orange, pink and green, early and late varieties. Guys, if you are keen on your tomatoes, we will have a fantastic selection for you.

Our orchard has just had its compost dose for the spring season and we are eagerly awaiting the change of the season. Unfortunately we have had two trees this year throwing blossoms early and with the pre-sunrise temperature knocking – 6.7 deg C on some mornings the blossoms have been killed. So I don’t think we will be getting much off those trees this year.

Not the best pic but it gives a good idea as to our winter conditions
Not the best pic but it gives a good idea as to our winter conditions

That’s about it, but we will keep you up-to-date on any new exciting developments.